Heartbreak Q&A Chain - Majd Abdel Hamid


The Heartbreak artists Q&A chain is a mini-interview series with the nine contemporary artists exhibiting in Heartbreak. Each interviewee raises a question from their own interests, which the next interview follows up on, approaching from their own perspective. Together, these linked interviews form a 'chain' that collectively asks, and answers, questions that cover a diverse range of topics: from artistic practice to the effects of geopolitics.

Majd Portrait.jpg

Is not art often about treason?

Majd Abdel Hamid: “I think that there are many sides to this question. The one [sense of treason] that I can relate to is maintaining a fractious resistance to the exaction of "belonging." It is an ongoing quest for relative autonomy and independence from an enforced collective.

In a sense, art practice could be described as a form of treason to the ideology of binaries.”