Heartbreak Q&A Chain - Randa Maddah


The Heartbreak artists Q&A chain is a mini-interview series with the nine contemporary artists exhibiting in Heartbreak. Each interviewee raises a question from their own interests, which the next interview follows up on, approaching from their own perspective. Together, these linked interviews form a 'chain' that collectively asks, and answers, questions that cover a diverse range of topics: from artistic practice to the effects of geopolitics.


How can one’s work be relevant without complacency?

Randa Maddah: “Self-satisfaction or self-esteem is based on a set of personality traits that ultimately form either high or low self-esteem. These traits cannot be separated from their causes and conditions.

The evolution of a person’s creativity depends on the personality traits and conditions that have formed since childhood. In my opinion, a person can create a work of art under circumstances that promote a sense of self-dissatisfaction. [One has to] search to change this feeling, and thus the ability to determine the personality traits which the individual (artist) desires.

The artwork itself is the reflection of this search. Here there is no question about its originality, because it stems from a specific sense of the artist’s identity. In my opinion, what determines the relevance of the artwork are the tools and the ability of the artist to use them to express any question, circumstance or feeling.”