Heartbreak Catalogue

Heartbreak Catalogue


Accompanying RUYA MAPS’ first presentation in Venice, the HEARTBREAK catalogue features a foreword by co-curators Tamara Chalabi and Paolo Colombo, an essay by Themelis Glynatsis and an extract from Alain de Botton’s forthcoming publication.

The volume is fully illustrated with images of the artworks, and of the creative processes that led to their creation. There are also additional texts, including poems by Virgil and Nizami.

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  • Editors: Tamara Chalabi and Paolo Colombo

  • Copy-editor: Cath Phillips

  • Design and layout: Christopher Radl, Eleonora Sicolo, Laura Capsoni

  • Produced by: Christopher Radl

Printed in Italy by Conti. Tipocolor, S.p.A, Calenzano (Florence)

ISBN: 9781645706731