Crisálida Catalogue

Crisálida Catalogue


Accompanying RUYA MAPS’ inaugural exhibition, ‘Crisálida’ is a fully illustrated publication designed by Beirut-based graphic designer Farah Fayyad, with imagery by Caracas-based photographer Julio Osorio.

It includes essays by Tamara Chalabi, Curator of Crisálida, and Elizabeth Marín Hernández, Associate Professor in Contemporary Art at the Universidad de los Andes, Mérida.

In a pertinent continuation of the exhibition’s themes, all the objects included in the installation are listed in the form of a shipping ledger. Thumbnailed entries, including unexpectedly personal descriptions of the inventory, highlight the clash between the personal and the prosaic inherent in the preparation for any journey. The ledger’s reference to shipping procedures for the international loan and sale of artworks provides a provocative extension to López’s artistic investigation of exile.

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  • Editor: Tamara Chalabi

  • Photography: Julio Osorio

  • Translator: Isabel Adey

  • Copy-editor: Cath Phillips

  • Design and layout: Farah Fayyad

  • Printed by: - Lebanon

ISBN: 978-1-64440-969-5