Pepe Lopez

Pepe López

Pepe López (b. 1966, Caracas) is a Venezuelan artist who lives and works between Paris and Caracas.

López works in a variety of mediums, including painting, sculpture, tapestry, collage, photography,

video and performance. He has worked on major multidisciplinary projects at institutions such as the

Puffin Foundation, New York City; Sala Mendoza, Caracas and Museo de Bellas Artes, Caracas.

López’s practice is deeply rooted in the foundations of Latin American abstraction, whilst his process

interrogates aspects of contemporary life such as violence, terrorism, consumerism and

identity politics. In his latest series of works, López has worked with artisans from the Wayuus people

of the Guajira Peninsula in Venezuela and carpet weavers from Uttar Pradesh in India, as well as

artisans from Petare, a high density urban area in Caracas. Together they have woven traditional

colourful tapestries and carpets based on images of cities by López, inspired by technological

mapping systems. In another recent series, the artist has painted and woven fashion logos on

traditional indigenous baskets to make a ‘cartography of consumerism’, transforming everyday

objects into allegorical representations of complaint